Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Polygon Portraits (Grades 2-6; Math and Visual Art)

The children will construct self-portraits out of polygons cut from construction paper.

For younger grades use general shapes rather than polygons. Make sure students understand that their portrait doesn’t have to look exactly like them.
·         Compare and contrast pre-cubist and cubist self-portraits by Picasso (http://robinurton.com/history/cubism.htm)
·         Discuss and draw polygons
·         Identify polygons in cubist paintings by Braque and Picasso
·         Discuss how aims of cubist art differ from more realistic forms of art (expresses feelings or ideas rather than simply looking like something)
·         Identify and discuss polygons in faces (large photographs or mirrors could also be used)
·         Cut polygons out of construction paper (review scissor safety)
·         Construct a portrait by gluing polygons onto a large sheet of construction paper
·         Show the portrait to the class (or to a small group) and tell about the processes and choices that went into its production. What does it express?

Adapted from Object Lessons: Teaching Math Through the Visual Arts, K-5 by Caren Holtzman and Lynn Susholtz, 2011.

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