Friday, November 15, 2013

What Shall We Do with a Grumpy Sailor? (Grades 1-4, Reading, Writing, and Music)


Students will learn learn an authentic sea shanty and adapt it to explore adjectives.

Video of Drunken Sailor song:, Space for movement

  • Teach the song (watch the video together and figure it out)
  • Replace "Drunken" with other adjectives
  • Write new verses to answer the question "What shall we do . . .?"
  • Make up new ways to do the dance during the verse. (I usually keep the same actions on the chorus "Way, hey, and up she rises." The children especially love the final action going over and under, "wringing the dishrag").
  • The words could also be adapted more generally: "What shall we do with ________" (Ex. a jelly donut, a piece of paper, etc.) 

Music (sea shanty, singing and dancing)
Language Arts (adjectives and creative writing)

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