Monday, November 18, 2013

Name Rondo* (Grades 3-6, Community and Music)

by Kay Lehto

“A” Section

Names, names, remembering names, if you forget;           who could blame you about
              S                                   S                              S            
        C           C                 C               C            C             C
 P                            P                                 P                         P

Names, names, remembering names, ready, set, here we go!
              S                                    S                              S            
        C           C                 C                C             C               C           C C C
P                              P                                 P                              P

“B” Section

  C C C    C C C     C C C    C C C
P            P            P           P     

Perform the “A” section, do the “B” section twice, and then return to the “A” section. During the P’s in the “B” section, four children will say their names (one child per P) following by the entire group saying all four names on the P’s in the same order (then return to “A”). After all children have had a turn saying their name, perform the “A” section one more time. You might have the children choose words to replace “ready, set, here we go” to give more finality to the chant.

*A “rondo” is a musical form with a reoccurring “A” section (ABACADA etc.)

Extension: Play a name-memory game. Choose one student to be the leader or head of the circle and someone to be at the end. Perform the “B” Section only. The leader begins with her/his own name and then says someone else’s name on the next pat. That student then says her/his own name on the next pat and someone else’s on the pat after that. When someone “messes up” they move to the end of the circle and everyone “below” them moves up one place.

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