Monday, November 18, 2013

Names in Open Space (Grades K-6: Reading, Writing, and Theatre)

Space for movement

  • Create a space in the classroom for movement by moving desks or tables. It is best if there is a procedure for this. If there isn’t already, develop an orderly procedure.  
  •  Invite the students to find a space in the room and sit down in that space. Specify how they are to sit down. It may also be necessary to instruct them to not sit under furniture and to remain in a specified set of boundaries. Have them leave enough space on all sides of themselves that someone could walk between them and other students or between them and walls or furniture. Alternatively, you could have the students simply space themselves evenly throughout the space. Practice this by having them walk amongst each other (depending on their experience level) and freezing on a specific signal. Then, have them look around and discuss whether or not they are evenly spaced.
  • Invite the students to write their names in the air with their hands. They can use block letters or cursive depending on grade level.
  • Have the students make their name with other body parts (finger, pinky, thumb, nose, chin, etc) while sitting.
  • Invite the students to stand. Have them make their names in larger space with their hand, head.
  •  Invite the students to create a whole-body version of their first initial. Give adequate time for experimentation.
  • Have the students sit on the floor in their space and invite individual students to share how they did their first initial. 
  •  Invite the students to stand and create a movement sequence for their entire first names.
  • Have the students sit on the floor while individual students share their names. If there isn’t enough time for everyone to share, divide the class into small groups and let them share with their group.  Or, have an entire group or four or so share their names simultaneously with the rest of the class.

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