Friday, March 6, 2015

Class Meeting 5

Today we spent the first part of our time discussing arts integration as it relates to human happiness. I suggested that the number one question you should ask yourself every day is, "Will what we do today in class enhance my students' wellbeing now and long-term?" Learning can and should be a joyful experience. Yes, there are difficult things that we need to do, but usually there is an attainable and meaningful goal towards which we are working and that isn't too far in the future.
We participated in some movement activities related to social studies. All people have music, art, dance, and drama as important elements of culture and everday living, so learning about places, cultures, and time periods ought to involve the arts if students are to have a full understanding. We discussed how social studies integration ought to be authentic and appropriate.
Canoe Dance (here are some dances similar steps: Social Round Dance and Native American Circle Dance)
Favorite Resource: Moving Within the Circle by Bryan Burton
Favorite Resource: Chimes of Dunkirk from New England Dancing Masters
Favorite Resource: Roots and Branches: A Legacy of Multicultural Music for Children by Patricia Shehan Campbell et al.
We listened to the song, Dust Bowl Refugee, and wrote information about the Dust Bowl. We made tableauxs in small groups representing the dust bowl.  Here's an article about the tableaux drama strategy.
We experienced a geography integrated lesson, I've Been Everywhere
Finally, we did a visual art and math integrated activity where we copied a portion of a picture and then put them together to see the large picture. Here are some examples of this type of project:
The math integration involves the grid coordinates, measuring, and ratios.

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