Wednesday, May 27, 2015

1s, 10s, and 100s Place

Ones, Tens, and Hundreds Place

Integrated Music/Math Lesson

2nd or 3rd Grade

1. Objectives: Students will be able to identify the ones, tens, and hundreds places in 3 digit numbers          while singing Skip to My Lou and demonstrate crescendos and descrescendos.

2. Standards: Music—Crescendo (cresc.) and decrescendo/diminuendo (dim.)

            Math—Read, write, and compare whole numbers up to 3 digits

3. Preparation: Chalkboard

4. Anticipatory Set: Sing Skip to My Lou

5. Teaching (input, model, check for understanding, individual and group practice, etc.)

                        Demonstrate ones, tens, and hundreds placement in 3-digit numbers

                        Sing to the following example for 327 to the tune of Skip to My Lou

            Seven is in the ones place

            Two is in the tens place

            Three is in the hundreds place

            Three hundred twenty-seven.

                        Invite the students to sing along

                        Have the students create other numbers with three digits on the board

                        Sing the collection of numbers determining beforehand whether to get louder (crescendo) or                                    softer (decrescendo) throughout the verse.

                        Divide into groups of three and have one student write a number for the other two to sing and                      determine whether to crescendo or decrescendo

6. Closure

            As a group, write a chorus and sing it while dancing a traditional reel.

7. Extension

            Write down the chorus and repeat the song during subsequent class periods

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